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I did not transform into an extrovert, but I have learned to enjoy public speaking and meeting new people.I was really nervous when I conducted a video interview with Roy E.On March 14, 2016, we were acknowledged by the California State Senate in our efforts to raise awareness of and to find cures for Type 1 diabetes affecting many children and adults.We also partner with Stanford University researchers and Foldscope Instruments to produce low-cost, origami-based print-and-fold optical microscope that is ideal for applications in global health, field based citizen science, and K12 science education.As of March 22, 2017, the Source Fed channel accumulated over 1.7 million subscribers and 907 million video views.The closure of the Source Fed Studios network was decided by the newly formed Group Nine Media, led by Discovery Communications, which was formed as a merger between Source Fed Studios and four other networks in October 2016.As of December 2017, we have offered half a million dollars in scholarships to poor students as well as to Wesleyan College’s Spectacles Math and Science Camp, Mercer University’s Youth Programs, and Museum of Aviation STEM Summer programs.

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Source Fed mainly focused on popular culture, news and technology.Two years later, I transferred to the Computer Science program at Virginia Tech, supporting myself financially with teaching and research assistantship.Due to my own personal experience, I am a firm believer in the importance of education, research, and scholarships.Daryle Riegle who not only taught engineering but also gave wing to my aspirations.The Billups family in Virginia always makes me feel at home away from home, exemplifying the best of humanity that inspires my work. Newton, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. Oh wait, actually, I am a bigger fan of Star Trek than Star Wars, because I really dig the Vulcan IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) concept that beauty, growth, and progress all result from the union of the unlike. Emeritus Marvin Minsky wrote in The Society of Mind that the power of intelligence stems from our vast diversity.As Star Trek encourages people “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations,” I took a leap of faith and left my homeland – Hong Kong – to come to the United States with a full scholarship to study Electrical Engineering at Vincennes University.In cybersecurity research, we were among one of the 104 teams registered with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the first-ever Cyber Grand Challenge (CGC) in 2014.Only 28 teams made it through two DARPA-sponsored dry runs and into the CGC Qualifying Event.Disney for the ACM Computers in Entertainment magazine.I am more used to it after having interviewed Quincy Jones, George Lucas, and many other great minds. Tell us about Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships – what should we know?

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