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And even though Tenley’s not letting their breakup hold her back from enjoying her life, it’s still sad to hear her talk about their relationship and “We’ll be friends forever,” Tenley said. I mean, five years of being in each other’s lives, together, I think, officially for four of those five. But we’ll always have a place for each other in our hearts, so we’ll be alright.” “I think from day one, he and I really went off of what we really felt for each other,” she continued. How do you remove somebody that you love and you care for out of your life? But making room for other people.” What’s sadder: A breakup where both parties hate each other, or one where the couple remains friends because they still love each other?

We had one long break and now we’re not together anymore.

Tenley Molzahn, who was rejected on the season finale of the show herself (by that stiff Jake Pavelka), believes in Brad as well. Last season on The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris passed on three different Mr.

Perfects - Jake Pavelka, Reid Rosenthal and Kiptyn Locke - in favor of a guy who was sending booty call texts to half the women in Chicago while on the show.

It wasn’t something that we thought we needed to make public.

It’s so important to us, and people thought that we got together through a TV show, which was a big piece of it, but then it was so public and for us there’s nothing to hide, but being away from that spotlight is such a new, healthy thing for us.” The couple enjoyed Valentine’s Day away from the cameras this year at Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego.

But for me, I had no expectations, and I took everything by stride, and it ended up being something so good for me. Your Tango: What do you think of Juan Pablo as the? Tenley Molzahn: I'm actually pleasantly surprised because I didn't really know how I felt about him.

"I wanna enjoy each other because that's what it's about."As to whether we'll see Molzahn sporting an engagement ring or walking down the aisle any time soon, she simply states, "We'll have to see."Your Tango: Are you still in contact with Jake Pavelka?

Tenley Molzahn: We hadn't really talked when we parted ways in St. because of him and Vienna, I wanted to respect that …

My whole heart goes out to them today as they mourn a precious life that ended far too soon,” Harris said. But you would know Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke have some serious chemistry going in that case.

Brad Womack couldn't find a wife on The Bachelor last time, but the former contestant is confident he'll find someone this time if people will give him a chance. Apparently, the romance kept going after the cameras stopped rolling - at a post-Emmy Awards party Sunday, Kipley debuted as an actual, bona fide couple!

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