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Barkley, 54, who was born in Alabama and who at this peak was one of the National Basketball League’s most influential players, said he believed it was incredible Mr Jones’s rival, Roy Moore, was still in the race.

“When people in your own party say they won’t vote for you or support you, that’s a dead giveaway.

Their relationship goes from first meeting to dating affair leading to love and eventually getting married.

The pair met as strangers in a City Avenue Resturant.

Mr Jones’s supporters said they believed the race was close but also believed they’d need a strong wind to overcome the conservative bias in the state that has ensured the last Democratic president to be supported by Alabama was southerner Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Sheila Roche said she had been making calls all day at the Jones campaign phone bank and was heartened by the responses she received. Abeda Iqbal, 25, who works in finance and who said she was Muslim, said there was no way she could vote for a candidate such as Mr Moore, given his conservative views. Yet she said she believed Mr Moore retained widespread support, especially in white, rural Alabama.

Maureen and Charles never had a moment’s doubt about that though. Their fear of a media circus led them to a very private wedding in front of a judge. Charles Barkley’s wife changed the round mound of sound for the better. Barkley mused to the Philly Inquirer about how marriage changes a guy’s life.

It’s really incredible people ever cared about that. He explained how he would hang out with friends and play golf more often when he was single.

On Monday night, Real Clear Politics, which monitors and collates other polls, said the race was a “toss up”.

Alabama, where 49 per cent of adults identify as evangelical Christians, has not elected a Democrat to the senate for 30 years, and that person subsequently defected to the Republicans. It was widely assumed this special election, triggered when former senator Jeff Sessions joined Donald Trump’s cabinet, would be the same.

But then Mr Moore, a retired judge, found himself accused of sexual assault and abuse involving children and young women when he was a state prosecutor in this 30s.

Then, playing on his opponents’ name, he said people wanted change and desired elected officials who displayed decency.

He then lead a chant of: “No more, no more, no more.” Yet, Mr Jones knows he faces a tough fight.

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