Who is brie bella dating

We kind of started off real slow, but now we’ve been together for two and half years. Network called Total Divas, it’s a reality show, and Brie and her sister are on that.

Such a wonderful, meaningful, emotional day yesterday with the woman of my dreams and both of our families.

We definitely are always trying to work on outside things, but we know where our home is and our passion is in that ring."I know one day this body isn't going to be able to move in that ring anymore, it's not going to be able to travel like it can."I don't want to struggle finding a job, I want to set myself up right and to pave even more the way for women in the WWE and make it not just a man's world."Asked when women will be headlining pay-per-views, Nikki said: "I think it's definitely years and years away, but I think we're on the right step towards it."I think it's gonna take a while, but I definitely see us heading in that direction.

I think it might be 10 years from now."But I think has given some of us Divas that mainstream audience that brings us to a level where we're getting to where John Cena's at, we'll get to where Dwayne Johnson's at."She continued: "That will help us, when we get to the ring side of things, where people want to come and see us."When you look at our audience now, and John and I talked about this, you see more women and more little girls, and it's because they want to see in the ring."I think the reality show has definitely helped more people put their eyes on the Divas division and it's given our fans an even bigger voice of 'Hey, give Divas a chance.

And yeah, there were a lot of nights sleeping in airport floors and stuff like that, but it didn’t ever seem like work.

She decided to go along for the ride because she thought her presence could “help in the baby-making department.” She did feel a bit out of place with him, however. Nattie Neidhart-Wilsontold told her that this was great progress, but that she had to deliver when she did it, or it would get axed.

On the Wednesday, April 12, episode of Total Divas, several of the ladies were struggling to be the ideal girlfriends and wives. Newly retired Brie Bella was busy traveling with her husband, Daniel Bryan, who had just been made general manager of Smackdown Live. Trinity Takes a Risk Sick of being part of a pair and passed over, Trinity Mc Cray made a pitch for producers to let her try her new glow-in-the-dark entrance.

Brie Bella has told her husband Daniel Bryan that when she becomes pregnant they could work an angle where Kane is the father of her baby.

The Bella Twins were asked about their projects outside the ring ahead of their match against Paige and AJ at Wrestle Mania 31"Motherhood," Brie told Digital Spy and other journalists in San Francisco, admitting that she has "baby-fever".

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