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Kevin dodges the bullets she fires and manages to make it to the boat, but dies in the ensuing fight.

Sadie sets up the scene as if the criminal raped her and killed her boyfriend and tells this to the police, using her mangled fingers, which she also put in the machine, as evidence.

She loved the dog but the dog fell in love with her sister, so Sadie drowned her sister. Upstairs, she tells Kevin that they need to get rid of his wandering eye and partially blinds him.

Sadie takes Jennifer to a boat, planning to drown her, but Jennifer escapes and intercept a car, only to find Sadie driving.

Jennifer arrives, follows the petals, drinks the champagne and quickly undresses.

As Jennifer reclines atop Kevin, believing his gag and other ties to be a sexual fantasy, Sadie knocks her out.

The story is about a woman who discovers her boyfriend is having an affair with her best friend.

Driving back to the house, she finds Kevin has broken free and chases him.

She also breaks Kevin's ankle with a sledge hammer.

Sadie tells Jennifer the story of her childhood dog.

Billy - who has 13-month-old daughter Eva Katerina with Candice - said: ''I am not sure we'll marry as we don't really need that ritual.

I already call her my wife and although we are not bound by any legal papers, our commitment to each other is for life.'' Billy also revealed he didn't want his first date with Candice to end because they were having such a good time. magazine: ''I have known her sister for a long time as she is dating a good friend of mine and she set us up.''We had our first date on the roof-top pool of one of the finer hotels in LA. We didn't want to say goodbye.''The 'Titanic' actor also discussed his astonishment at finally finding his dream woman in his home country.

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