When should a teen start dating

It is far worse to ignore it than to openly address it." Arm yourself with facts: Do your research before you start the conversation so you can offer your kids the facts, answer their questions and know where to look when they ask for more details.

Here are some places to look: Suicide Prevention Lifeline American Foundation for Suicide Prevention National Alliance on Mental Illness And remind kids that "13 Reasons" is fiction, said Zahnow, who listened to the book and is now watching the series.

"Teach them how to deal with disappointment and be able to move on and believe that good things are going to happen anyway," Oshel said.

"At this time of your life, you’re just learning how to deal with disappointment that seems like it’s going to forever ruin your life." If you suspect depression or another mental illness, get them help: Harvard Health offers a parents guide for identifying teen depression and offers some recommendations for how to help them.

"Do not think that this is just a passing mood or this is typical adolescent drama," Oshel said.

Often, teens don't fully understand the finality of their actions.

Ninety percent of people who die by suicide have a mental illness, often depression, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Oshel said those times are another critical opportunity to raise the subject with teens.

"We have heightened concerns about copycat suicide, especially if it’s somebody really popular in school – a cheerleader, athlete, student body president," Oshel said.

Mental health experts across the Triangle said Tuesday it's critical that parents have candid conversations with their teens, whether they are watching "13 Reasons" or not, about mental health and suicide and that parents and teens are aware of resources where they can get help.

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By Sarah Lindenfeld Hall The new Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why," might be binge-worthy TV for many of its viewers, especially teenagers, but it's also controversial for the way it depicts suicide and a girl's decision to end her life.

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