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- Run XP's Setup by running a command - C:\I386\Install it on - make a new partition on - the remaining un-allocated space on the drive.You will then have a dual boot situation.- if you want to recover the space used by the Dos 7 or whatever os installation- copy the \i386 folder from the Dos 7 or whatever partition to the XP partition, for possible future use.- use a third party partition manipulation program in XP to delete the Dos 7 or whatever partition, and add the unallocated space to the C partition. install the freeware Easeus Partition Master Home Edition.

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You will get much better overall performance in 98 or 98SE with your old computer than you will in XP, but there are advantages and drawbacks to using 98 or 98SE.A BIG disadvantage - the IE version that 98 and 98SE comes with is useless (4.x in 98's case; 5.x in 98SE's case) on the internet now.You need to install at least IE 6, then the IE 6 SP2 updates, but even with that there are a lot of web pages that no longer work or no longer work well (long delays loading script) in IE 6 SP2.The LAPTOP version supports devices and features that are found on laptop computers but not on desktop computers."I saw somewhere that someone updated the monitor driver, too, but haven’t been able to find one yet."In most if not all cases, at least with laptops newer than yours, the monitor drivers are embedded in the brand name's video drivers for your specific model. If it says Default monitor on the proper video adapter, or Plug and Play Monitor on the proper video adapter, then you need to load laptop LCD display drivers.Then I discovered that I couldn’t get the laptop to boot up from a CD and when I went into BIOS to reset the boot up priorities I found that the option area for that wasn’t highlighted allowing me to change the line up. You can't install XP on one system then swap the HDD into another & expect it to boot. I'll see if I can figure out how to get 98 back on it! Thanks for your clarity, Larry, sure gives me the direction to go in! If you're going to install XP, you should install the max ram you can install - 256mb. That should work for booting from the XP CD or any bootable CD because it's for the exact same model.So after researching the internet for a day or so, I figured that I would just take out the hard drive and hook it up to my desktop and load XP. First device is Diskette Drive, Second device is Internal HDD and Third device is None. Is there a way to force a boot from CD so that I can complete loading XP? At the very least, you'll have to do a "repair installation" in the laptop to get it to work. and that's only the first of many problems Redeye7 is going to encounter, not least of which is that 128mb RAM. this is going to be as much fun as watching paint dry, at best... If you can, get Win98 re-installed back on there, and deal with a much smaller problem (as you should have done in the 1st place: the Net Gear MA521). A "clean" installation of Win98 is likely the best/fastest/simplest, and certainly most satisfying experience you're gonna get with that hardware configuration. If CDRom doesn't show up as a choice, the CDRom module may have a poor connection at it's connector - try shutting down the computer, unplugging the CD drive from the modular bay, and plugging it back in, making sure it's plugged in all the way, then try again. If you still can't get that to work, there is a method you can use when you can't boot from the CD drive, and if you can't have a floppy drive and a CD drive installed at the same time or "hot swap" them, but you need at least a, say, 4gb hard drive or larger, and you need to - use an inexpensive laptop IDE to desktop IDE data/power adapter and hook the drive up to a desktop IDE cable on another computer, - or - install the hard drive in an IDE external drive enclosure and connect it via USB (to a port that can actually supply 500ma) to another computer that has ME or preferably 2000 or up on it.- or - use some other type of adapter that accomplishes the same thing.Make the small partition in 2000 or up in Disk Management (it has to be a FAT partition or preferably a FAT32 partition, not a NTFS partition) .- Copy the \i386 folder and it's contents from the XP CD to that partition.- install the hard drive on your computer- boot and load the older operating system.Your Windows swap file on the hard drive will be accessed a lot more if you have only 128mb of ram, resulting in a lot more thrashing of the hard drive than you had in 98 or 98SE.I have one computer that still has 98SE on it and I use it nearly every day - K6III-450 cpu - so I have learned how to have it run better on the internet these days.

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