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It seems that the Change event is fired delayed, causing the Validating event to fire first (validating the old value instead of the new value).

As a workaround, you can add these lines to the beginning of your validating event to 'force' an update of the value before validation takes place: private void Date2_Validating (object sender, Cancel Event Args e) I hope this helps.

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Set Error(Textcourse, "First 3 Characters must be Alphanumeric") Else ep1.

Set Error(Textcourse, "First 3 Characters must be Alphanumeric") Else ep1.

add If statements for the fields you want to validate Private Function Is Quick Admission Valid() As String 'return string value containing the missing pieces if it is invalid. Here is what I received when entering your data raventest.

else, return "" Dim result As String = "" If txt Last Name. Length = 0 Then result = result & "Last Name" & vb New Line End If Return result End Sub For some reason if I made a mistake in each field, error message informs me only of illegal characters in Phone field and GPA being out of bound. Source(made some changes to the code): Public Class frm Add New Student Dim ary Data(6) As String Public Shared new Student Record As String Function Validate Fields() As String Dim result As String = "" 'first name field validation If txt First Name. Length = 0 Then result = result & "- First Name field is empty" & vb New Line End If If In Str(txt First Name. JPG You could use this same thing for anything where you're testing length of the string.

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