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Now that the i Cloud works (almost) flawlessly on both my Mac Book Pro and i Phone I get annoyed by on my Mac which seems to update contacts in my address book on its own, without my request or approval.

I can't seem to find any setting to switch this behaviour off.

I've been using TB for a long time for Backups of my email & Contacts in my email server.

I'm linked to Gmail, & TB does a great job in syncing the emails.

It is very important to be able to change passwords and keep up with them. I just decided enough was enough when I saw this book so I ordered it for him for Christmas.

I will probably have to write all the names, addresses and phone numbers in it myself but it's worth it to get rid of this poor beat up one he's been using.great refills to get my phone book updated and organized after i retired.

Resolving this is a two-stage process that will make it easier to create new emails in the future.

Stage 1: Copy the contents of the imported Frequent Contacts address book to the Microsoft equivalent ‘Suggested Contacts’.

Previous Recipients which are not present in your Address Book will not be auto-completed.

https://support.mozilla.org/kb/profiles-where-thunderbird-stores-user-data#w_backing-up-a-profile I downloaded the add-on file but I can't open it or run it. Re the Profile - I do weekly Copies of it to an external HD. If you mean '' Personal Address Book'' and/or '' Collected Addresses'' then the bad news is that if you do find a way to delete them, they will be re-generated. OK Zenos - maybe all is academic now because all is working fine.

But I need clarification - does the Profile include TB Contacts? Now in TB I still have the Contacts list which is now the 'old' un-synced Address Book, & a new Address Book under the heading of my Gmail email address, So can I Delete the TB Contacts Book? I installed\setup TB a couple of years ago & at the time for some reason I went to File\New\Address Book & created 'Contacts'. Right now my Address Books looks like this - Personal Address Book - empty (Gmail email address) - has all my Contacts synced to Gmail Contacts - empty Collected Addresses - empty I don't know if I created a problem by not having everything in 'Personal Address Book'. OK Zenos - maybe all is academic now because all is working fine.

But I also synchronize (actually include) the windows contacts so when the phone (samsung) synchronizes with windows I get the benefit in Thunderbird as well, but no automatic merger of those contact with say Gmail.

Read this answer in context You can install this add-on.

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