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Take a look at Using React without ES6 to learn more.

Note that we don’t recommend creating your own base component classes.

is also asynchronous, and multiple calls during the same cycle may be batched together.

For example, if you attempt to increment an item quantity more than once in the same cycle, that will result in the equivalent of: Subsequent calls will override values from previous calls in the same cycle, so the quantity will only be incremented once.

Each component has several “lifecycle methods” that you can override to run code at particular times in the process.

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Here’s an example of a valid Beware of this pattern, as state won’t be up-to-date with any props update.

If you need to interact with the browser, perform your work in from the constructor.

The constructor is also often used to bind event handlers to the class instance.

Code reuse is primarily achieved through composition rather than inheritance in React.

Take a look at these common scenarios to get a feel for how to use composition.

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