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It’s been more than a year since he was in the middle of a controversial incident.

"He’s getting better, I have to agree with that," said teammate Leo Komarov.

The Flames had Brad Treliving meet the media alongside Tkachuk on Thursday night, and the general manager rightly pointed out that we’re dealing with a teenager: "I’d hate for us to go back in time and figure out some of the stuff I did at 19." The hard-nosed qualities that made Kadri and Tkachuk top-10 draft picks are also what cause them to go over the edge from time to time.

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In the Ontario Hockey League, they were urged to play hard and on the edge.But he doesn’t think the 19-year-old should wait any longer before cleaning up his act."Yeah, ‘wake up,’" Kadri said Friday, when asked if he had any advice for Tkachuk.Hours after the announcement of Lauer's firing, The New York Times reported that two more women came forward and told NBC News about alleged misconduct by Lauer.One of those women told The New York Times that in 2001, Lauer summoned her to his office and had sex with her."I went through the same thing so I understand what he’s going through.There comes a time where you’ve just got to mature; you can still play on the edge and play on that fine line, but you can’t be stupid., chairman Andrew Lack sent an internal memo to staffers updating them on the investigation into Lauer's conduct and the company's response.In the Friday memo, Lack said the network's legal and human resources leaders were investigating Lauer's "appalling behavior." "At the conclusion of the review we will share what we've learned, no matter how painful, and act on it," Lack wrote."I’ve talked to Mark [Hunter] about him – I was actually talking to him the other day, asking him if he was a good kid, and he said he was," Kadri said of Tkachuk."He says he’s got some respect and that kind of stuff’s out of his character.

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