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Motorola Motorola's consumer division recently abandoned making new Windows Mobile devices for an all-Android strategy.

This script follows all the rules of real casino blackjack, and is meant to give the real casino experience. v=Ze Pkbi CAYzw folders to your garrysmod/addons folder replacing the existing folders if needed.We are excited about Windows Mobile and future opportunities with Windows Mobile 6.5 for our customers, but we do not have specific news to share at this time." Finally, HTC Ozone owners on Verizon are in luck. LG announced in February that it's developing up to 10 Windows Mobile devices.Not only is the Ozone an excellent smartphone for just , but Verizon customers will get an Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade either from Verizon's or HTC's Web site sometime in early November. LGThe company behind the "Life Is Good" ad campaign only sells one Windows Mobile smartphone here in the U. An LG spokesperson said she is almost positive the Incite won't be upgradable, but couldn't get a definitive answer from headquarters in time for our deadline.For example, Sprint said its HTC Touch Pro2 update won't arrive until sometime in early 2010.When questioned for this article, a T-Mobile spokesperson said, "T-Mobile USA continues to partner with Microsoft to offer our customers great smartphone experiences as evidenced by our recent launches of two new, compelling Windows phones, the T-Mobile Dash 3G and the HTC Touch Pro2.(Motorola didn't respond to repeated requests for comment on Windows Mobile 6.5 updates.) Unlocked Unlocked phones don't sell much here in the U.S., and Nokia has cornered much of the small unlocked market with its own Symbian-powered smartphones.Essentially, the carriers are treating each Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade as an entirely new phone that needs to be approved all over again.(Anyone with an unlocked GSM device that works with any SIM card knows this is a dubious claim.) A Verizon spokesperson pointed out that not every device running Windows Mobile could be updated anyway; that capability needs to be built into the device from the beginning.Unlike with the Samsung Jack and Omnia 2, there's a good chance an OS upgrade won't make a lot of visible difference, besides access to Windows Marketplace for Mobile and Microsoft's My Phone service.(Turn Touch FLO off and it will look very different, though.) The HTC Touch Pro2 and upcoming HTC Touch Diamond2 will have Windows Mobile 6.5 updates available, but it all depends on the carriers.

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