Updating an old mirror

I’m not sure if I’ll frame the other mirrors the same way I already did or try some of the other awesome ideas I saw, but you can check out all 23 of the mirror update ideas I rounded up here!

There is some massive creativity and amazing transformations in there-it just may get you itching to update your mirrors too!

It’s so easy and if you want to change the color or diffuse a certain finish, this is an easy solution.

For this “wipe” technique, I like to use a satin or flat paint (I like a chalky finish).

This was a really valuable lesson for us, helping us to realize how easy it can be to change the style of a piece of furniture rather than investing in new items.

Simply by changing the finish or color of a mirror frame, you can instantly transform and update a wall and room.Here’s a step-by-step guide to how we updated our old mirror: Here’s the original mirror, in the original bathroom, before we remodeled.As you can see, the gold tones do go with the green walls, if you like that sort of thing.However, it was the perfect-sized mirror for the space.Once we determined that the main problem was the color, we came up with the idea of giving it a makeover—upcycling it from an “antique” mirror into a modern one. This turned out to be an incredibly easy project with a maximum amount of bang-for-the-buck.But it is surprisingly simple—much easier than paint and a paint brush. ) Make sure to pay attention to how far you need to hold the can from the object, how long to shake the can and how long you need to allow the paint to cure before applying a second coat. Sweep; Don’t Paint Use large sweeping motions, horizontally or vertically depending on your object, to get an optimal even distribution of paint. Use a Large Dropcloth When you paint with a brush you don’t need much overlap space, but when you are spray painting you need to spray past the object to ensure even coverage. Check out this fun article from Sassy Style, which rounds up some more ingenious ways you can use spray paint to “upcycle” everyday objects, from plastic chairs to your front door! C., who writes about her projects for The Home Depot.Keep these tips in mind when starting on your project and it should all be smooth painting. Make sure you have a large piece of plastic or cloth that is twice the size of the object you are painting. Jennifer’s mirror upcycling was one of many she undertook after moving into her current home.Textured, ornate and carved mirror frames are my favorite to revamp because all it takes is a quick and light wipe with a foam paint brush and in an instant, it’s a completely different mirror.Here is a mirror that I recently revamped in just a few minutes for the Studio 319 Salon remodel project.However, a lick of French Grey paint and some new shiny chrome lighting and bathroom fixtures later, the room had a fresh modern feel, but the mirror didn’t—time to get out the spray paint.Step 1: We placed the mirror carefully on two stands in an outside area we didn’t mind getting red spray paint on.

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