Updating a ranch style home

Refresh yourself and your home with modern colors, classic staples and sleek lines with its open layout.

"The outside of our house is just not pretty," declares Marco Leal, who has lived in this Idaho ranch with his partner, Eric Wride, for about a year, focusing on interior upgrades.

Adding windows to let in more light is one way of updating a ranch-style home.

But you can also add some modern touches to create something unique and revitalizing – like this contemporary living space did! Give your ranch home an ultra chic uplift by going completely outside-the-box of this family-friendly home.Well, you get a stunning blend of home fashion and trending, forward-thinking interest.Let’s have a look at 20 ideas that will get your wheels turning!To help them reimagine their home's plain exterior, we asked designer Richard O'Leary for some curb appeal suggestions.The big challenge, points out O'Leary, is the house's shoebox-like shape.Put in some flowerbeds and brick or stone walkways to update the house's appearance.Ranch-styled homes have simple floor plans with a wider outward appearance – without the depth that most present homes possess.Homeowners choose to update their homes both to suit their own needs and desires and also in order to attract potential buyers.There are various update ideas for the different house styles, and owners of ranch style homes can find numerous ideas for updating and remodeling their homes.To keep the ranch style of the home, it is important to build in length rather than width.Second stories can be added to ranch-style homes as well.

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