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Low social adjustment was associated with lower paternal socioeconomic class and an absence of sexual experience.Late age at first kiss or date was associated with cardiac involvement and a lack of spontaneous pubertal development.

The patients were informed that the database and data analysis were anonymous, although the questionnaires included a coded link to their identity and clinical data.It is therefore important to analyze the influence of management options in childhood on these dimensions to help pediatricians make the best choices concerning the management of their patients.The factors determining the onset of sexuality in humans are poorly characterized, and attention has mostly focused on behavioral, environmental, and psychosocial determinants (16).The timing of puberty affects the onset of sexuality in the general population (16–18).Several medical interventions affect the timing of puberty, but their effects on sexual behavior have not been studied (19, 20).In a previous study, we observed that health-related quality of life was similar in adult women with Turner syndrome treated with GH in childhood and the general population (11).We identified several components of the disease or consequences of medical management as factors associated with low health-related quality of life scores: cardiac and otological involvement, induction of puberty after the age of 15 yr, and higher expectations from GH treatment.Setting: The study was conducted with a population-based registry of GH-treated patients.Participants: Participants included 566 young adult women with Turner syndrome, aged 22.6 ± 2.6 yr (range, 18.3–31.2).Pubertal development must be induced by drug treatment in girls with Turner syndrome presenting primary ovarian failure.Many studies have considered the effects of this management of puberty on height (9, 10), but little is known of its effects on the initiation of sexual activity and its impact on psychosocial functioning.

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