Tuba buyukustun dating gossip

He felt that role required less acting experince, and that way, he could learn from other experienced actors and actresses on the show His request was rejected.

He had to play the lead role because the producers saw the light in him even though he had zero experience.

His character was having an affair with his uncle’s wife “Bihter” played by Beren Saat.

With his great performane and the huge success of his role, he received the Golden Butterfly award for “The Best Leading Actor in TV series.”Kivanc’s career was booming, but his love life was falling apart.

so he approached to her to ask why she never called him. Since they lived in different cities, they only stayed as friends. 🙂 Then, a month later, on Valentine’s Day, Kivanc came to Holland to see Azra, and that is how they took the first step to start their 11 year-old on-off relationship.

Then, after awhile Azra realized how much she wanted to see Kivanc, so she went to Paris to be with him. While Kivanc was in Paris, he was getting many TV offers from Turkish producers, but since he did not have any experience in acting, he was not accepting them.

Basak was married to a French man only four months ago but got divorced, and now, she is with our darling Kivanc.

(Photo: You can see them together on the airport returnin back from St.

In 2005, he got an offer for the TV show “Gumus” as the leading actor “Mehmet”(Mohammed), but again, he did not feel ready, so after reading the script, he offered the producers to play the cousin of Mehmet- “Berk”.

Even though he modeled for a long time, he never liked this profession.

He wanted something more, something that he could do with passion, but he never thoug In 2002, Kivanc joined “The Best Model of Turkey” and won the pagent, and in that very same year, he was chosen to represent Turkey in “The Best Model of the World” and also came in first place!

Kivanc found her different than any others, and the very next day, he brought his own childhood photos as an excuse to talk to her.

They hit off and exchanged phone numbers, but at that time Kivanc was working in France, and Azra was living in Holland, so the distance made them lose contact with each other.

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