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The rule is that before a Chinese word no particle is needed, but before a native word no must be added ; ■.

g., from H-sd ideal and ningen man, riso-teki ningen ideal man, but riso-teki no kuni ideal country.

Even the Aínu, of whom about 18,000 may still he found ín Hokkaido and Saghalien, are being rapidly assimilated.

Marks of parenthesis ( ) indicate explanalions or para- phrases; square brackets [ ] indicate English words which are not to be translated into Japanese.

The abbreviations will hardly require explanation, except the letter (c), which indicates that a word is oí Chinese origin. When used as predicates they must be followed by desu warui ka.

The aim of the book is pedagogical rather than scientific ; henee the combination of system and no-system and the num- erous repetí tions. Chínese forms and units j_j3••• ••• ••* ■•• ••• ••• Arithmetic .. Sometimes a single word may serve all these purposes; e.

The pedagogical principie has been applied^ for example, in the study of words. Christopher Noss Lancaster, Pennsylvaniá -, November, 1906, Contente Introduction The Japanese language Sínico- Japanese Words derived from western languages The standard colloquíal Practical hints Helps for further study Orthography and Pronunciation The ideographic script Kan a Komaji Vowels Consonants ¿x V/Cs Glll ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••» The Noun Number and gender Wa and ga Subordínate subjects J. g., teki-to suitability, tekiio suru be suitable, tekiio na suitable, tekiio «/suitably.

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