Trouble with state of wi turbo tax updating

The state said its own systems had not been compromised and could not say how a criminal could have gotten access to the previous year's filings.

As long as the check is in the mail by the due date of your return the payment is considered to be on time."Unfortunately, the bad guys have a lot of places to get information," Miller said.All it takes to file a fraudulent return under someone else's identity is a name and Social Security number.They may not reveal or discuss any information contained in your return unless you authorize them to do so.Tax software developers also must operate under these rules, and they must protect customer confidentiality during the e-filing process.The only costs associated with e-filing are those charged by a tax preparer or tax software.Depending on the software brand and version, electronic filing charges have ranged from free to around . E-filing will deliver your tax refund much faster than traditional mail.Or you can advise the IRS to debit your checking or savings account for the amount due.No matter when you file your return, you can tell the IRS not to tap your account until the due date."That is off the chart for us," said Charlie Roberts, a spokesman for the state's tax commission.Utah's fraud detection system indicates that whoever is filing the fraudulent claims probably has access to taxpayers' returns from previous years.

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