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Your mind is not a thing actually, it is a series of thoughts that are created from your memories combined with reactions to your environment.You mind does not generally produce logical or coherent thoughts as you might believe.Review your Goals, Projects, To Do’s, and Calendar. Some people avoid making goals and lists because they think they want to be free, spontaneous, and unencumbered. Being scattered, just drifting and reacting, is not freedom. Do nothing, just drift aimlessly, be a street bum (not very satisfying), or be organized and use daily routines to simplify your life. If you didn’t do it yet, make a note to get organized. You can research on the internet many different ways and software apps to get organized. How well you digested those experiences and how you stored them as memories determines the environment in which you think.

As usual with copyrighted material, you are free to quote excerpts for commentary, blogs, or social media. Of course, the book has a lot more information, but here you’ll get enough of the essentials to reverse addictive behavior make your life great. It’s good to read this Guide straight through and put at least some of the suggestions into practice. If you need that, you can research any topic that interests you on the Internet, though you may find lots of conflicting information to sort out. I can quickly reorder items by dragging them around, according to what needs to be done first. You can set annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Just decide WHO you want to be and WHAT you want in your life, your GOALS (your aspirations), WHY you want it (your inspirations and motivations), and HOW you’re going to get there (your projects and actions – to do’s, reminders, calendar). A project list is nothing more than a list of to do’s related to that project. The quality of your digestion is your reaction to it.

If you received a loving nurturing upbringing, and internalized it properly, you would be the most compassionate, purpose-driven being possible.

Your actions would be uplifting for yourself and others.

We seek instant gratification and we try to numb ourselves from feeling our pain. According to a recent Harris Poll, only 31% of people claim to be very happy. Whether you use a paper system or a digital system, you need five things: 1) a to-do list, 2) a reminder list, 3) a notepad, 4) a calendar, and 5) a contacts list (addresses & phone numbers).

Plus, major industries have chosen to take advantage of our lack of knowledge and promote addictive behavior because it is highly profitable. Knowledge is power, but only if properly understood and acted upon. For a paper system, any stationary store will have a life planner for a few dollars. You’ll discover what works best for you as you go along.

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