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But it turns out that Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins deliver, um, ineffective assistance to users in Alexa’s stead.

Meanwhile, the top two trending questions on Google search during the Super Bowl weren’t about the game itself. (Answer: Minneapolis.) That was followed by, “How old is Steven Tyler?

In an event that typically demands strong, simple ad messages for the biggest (and often most inebriated) TV audience of the year, Pepsi Co will advertise two different products within the confines of a single 60-second commercial: a new spicy iteration of Doritos and a new lemon-lime variant of Mountain Dew. “If you look at the purchase habits of consumers, Doritos and Dew are purchased together in more of the same baskets than peanut butter and jelly,” says Jennifer Saenz, chief marketing office for Frito-Lay North America, in an interview, citing company research.

“You do run the risk of one brand overshadowing the other, and not getting that new product message out,” acknowledges Greg Lyons, chief marketing officer of Pepsi Co’s North America Beverages division, in an interview. Since both products are typically bought by millennial and so-called “Generation Z” consumers, one ad that airs in the Super Bowl (and, presumably, many times thereafter), could do the trick.

Pepsi Co hopes it can squeeze two ads into one and triumph over dozens of other Super Bowl commercials vying for viewer attention.

The consumer-products giant behind Quaker Oats, Tropicana orange juice and Diet Pepsi, among other supermarket favorites, is testing a tricky stratagem. In this case, Pepsi Co executives believe they have the right formula to offset the danger.

Amazon intends to launch “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” over Labor Day weekend, making the first cycle of the series available on August 31.

Amazon Prime’s appearance during the game is the latest example of a TV network selling some of its most valuable ad time to a competitor who seeks to woo the very people tuning in to such NBC mainstays as “This Is Us” and “Saturday Night Live.” In 2010, for example, CBS sold a 30-second spot in the Big Game to Time Warner-owned Tru TV.

The series centers on up-and-coming CIA analyst Ryan, who is thrust into a dangerous field assignment for the first time. Audiences will also hear a new version of the iconic Bob Dylan song “All Along the Watchtower” performed by Devlin featuring Ed Sheeran.Doritos and Mountain Dew have compatible consumer targets and “a similar outrageous tonality that works,” he adds.One of the biggest winners out of Super Bowl LII’s advertising blitz: Amazon’s spot showcasing the Alexa voice assistant, which generated the most views on You Tube as of early Monday. That’s almost 500% higher than his hourly average on Jan. ” (the 69-year-old rocker starred as a time traveler in Kia Motors’ ad); “What is the Super Bowl score? ” (yes, to Jessica Biel); and “How old is Justin Timberlake? Major movies and TV shows also made a splash on You Tube’s ranking of the top 10 most-viewed Super Bowl ads. Those included Amazon Studios series “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”; Disney/Lucasfilm’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story”; HBO’s “Westworld” season 2; Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”; and Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War.” In the Amazon spot, Alexa has lost her voice — and the ecommerce giant taps several celebs to fill in. Also on You Tube, songs by Justin Timberlake — who headlined the Super Bowl LII halftime show — peaked at over 500,000 views per hour in the U. The company has been working on the idea , she says, since last Spring.Depending on the rest of the Super Bowl ad line-up, this particular Pepsi Co ad could stand apart from the pack.A first date can be nerve-wracking for everybody involved. Fortunately, as Kevin Hart shows in a hilarious new Super Bowl ad for the Hyundai Genesis, everything can be made easier with a new gizmo installed in the 2016 model. After "generously" loaning his car to his daughter's date, Hart tracks them to the movies (where he shows up in the seat behind them), at the carnival (where he pops up on the prize wall) and to a make out spot where he ... MORE: Ewe won't want to miss Honda's sheepish, hilarious Super Bowl 50 ad Bonus trivia: This is the second Super Bowl 50 so far ad to feature a Queen song. Here, it's the 1980 hit "Another One Bites the Dust," while Honda's ad for its new Ridgeline truck pumps 1976's "Somebody to Love." Queen appears to be winning this Super Bowl! Amazon Prime ran a Super Bowl ad for their upcoming series based on Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels and the bad news is that everyone will have to wait until August 2018 to watch the show.

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