Standards in dating

I’m a very busy person, I travel a ton, and I’m happy living alone.

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And when they do, a flurry of thoughts will race through their heads at lightning speed. I use a couple of online dating platforms, and although I usually get at least a dozen messages a day from users, rarely do any of them evolve into a decent conversation.

He was expected to open her car door, protect her “honor” should anyone be disrespectful, and of course pay the bill!

Now, women often choose to meet men out, and friendships that cross gender lines often make both men and women wonder if a date is really a date, or if it’s just a hangout. But apparently there are still a few women who think this is an important sign of a guy being respectful. Do you insist upon opening a woman’s door, risking being seen as a relic or domineering guy who tells women not to open their own doors?

I refuse to settle for mediocre and thank my lucky stars that any man will still give me the time of day as his charity case.

I refuse to think less of myself as a woman or potential girlfriend just because some men might do that when they see my chair.

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