Sony ericsson updating software

In order to use SEUS you will need a PC, a broadband connection and the correct data cable for your phone.

Using the SEUS protects your user data and doesn’t delete any of your text messages, photos, videos or contacts.

If you're a software developer, you definitely want your projects and apps to look as professional as possible, right?

One failsafe way to do that is to give each of them a nice and complete setup wizard. SSE Setup is an easy-to-use installer creator that you can use to create small EXE and ZIP files, and even burn them to CD or DVD.

FOTA normally takes 4 minutes to complete in 3G broadband coverage areas, it may take longer if you are not in a 3G signal area.

To check if your phone supports FOTA, go to the Settings Menu, If Update Service is listed you can use the FOTA service.

Software updates are quite large in size, so this method is only recommended if you have an unlimited data plan.

A typical update is between 4 and 5 MB, which although is not a lot of data, at up to £2.50 per MB (depending on your service provider) it can prove to be quite expensive.

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Both methods are simple and straight forward, but the FOTA service is only available on handsets made in the last few years, whereas SEUS is available to pretty much all Sony Ericsson handsets. You may not be experiencing any problems or software issues with your phone, so you may not think you need to update it, but some of the updates released can improve features such as battery life, photo quality and improve support for other devices such as Bluetooth Headsets.If you want more information about the installation process you can find it...If you develop software for a living, Centurion Setup is a must-have application.On some occasions manufacturers may release a completely new feature onto a handset through the software update service. SEUS is a PC based application that you can download and install from the Sony Ericsson web site.Once installed, the program will ask you which phone you want to update, and then download the necessary updates.With a bit of work and creativity, you can make your phone...Inno Setup is one of the best free tools for creating application installers.Quite often all data on the handset would be lost, and in some cases phones could get lost or damaged on their way to and from the service centre.Sony Ericsson have made all this a thing of the past by launching a software update service that you can do yourself wherever and whenever you want.One main advantage is that the installers you create can be used in any Windows...X-Setup Pro is a very complete program that lets you configure more than 1900 non-Windows options that will give you greater system performance.

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