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Bassem told Al Jazeera that his 14-year-old son had refused to give the soldiers his phone."Six soldiers pushed him down and violently took it from him," he said. Later in the afternoon, Nariman went to visit Ahed, who was being held at a police station near Jabaa village in the Jerusalem district of the West Bank, so that she could be present during the minor's interrogation.According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, an Israeli nongovernmental organisation (NGO), a parent has the right to accompany their child during an interrogation in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The soldiers confiscated the family's phones, computers and laptops.

"Ahed was telling the soldiers to get away from our home," Bassem said.

"She was trying to force them to leave to prevent the soldiers from hurting anyone else." The Israeli army spokesperson said the soldiers had acted in a "professional and restrained manner".

However, Bassem says the soldiers did not react to Ahed's attempts to force them out of the area because they were in a state of shock on seeing the severity of Mohammad's wounds after shooting him in the face.

Both Bassem and Manal say the village has a "right to resist" Israeli soldiers on their lands.

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