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And, of course, the real question is, 'If you get a really drunk 'yes,' and you don't get a 'no,' is that enough?

' That's what we want to help guys understand: Even if it's a yes, if she's too drunk to know she's saying yes or to remember it the next day, you might be called to the carpet for that.

However, he knew she was intoxicated, she was exclusive with Emmett, and she said a very sober "no" to having sex back in season 3 when they were dating.

He told Bay the morning after, "I know you probably think last night was a mistake, but I always wanted it to happen."While there's a lot of ambiguity in these two episodes, it's apparent from the moment Bay wakes up in a strange bed that this was not what she wanted to happen.

She decided to tell the entire story to her friend Daphne:"I was drunk," Bay began."So what? "All I know was when I woke up, I felt like something was wrong. Opinions were mixed, which meant the episode had accomplished its goal.

In Bay's version, her vision was blurry, and she was visibly intoxicated, mumbling incomprehensible things about her boyfriend.

She pulled away from Tank's kiss and said how drunk she was before passing out.

Regina insisted that, at least in her opinion, if Bay's "friend" was really drunk, then she couldn’t give consent.

Bay wasn't so sure; that label sounded scary and foreign, and it didn’t describe how she felt.

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