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The identity of the person(s) who started the stampede has never been determined.Folk singer Woody Guthrie's song, "1913 Massacre", is based on this event.Calumet is at an elevation of 1,209 feet (369 m) above sea level.

Striking miners and their families were gathered on Christmas Eve for a party in Italian Hall, when the cry of "fire" precipitated a stampede that crushed or suffocated seventy-three victims, the majority of them children.

He was also an accomplished actor himself, performing in theatres around the world, and in those that he had built.

He helped bring the acting groups from the outdoors to perform inside in theatres to perform for increasingly larger audiences.

Loss of wartime demand caused the copper price to drop following World War I.

With the decreased demand for copper, thousands left Red Jacket in the 1920s, many moving to Detroit, Michigan where the automobile industry was booming.

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