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So long as Oregon's parental rights law stays in effect, both children will remain under watch by foster care.The parents will continue to have visitation rights under the supervision of another.An Oregon couple has been fighting a legal battle after they lost custody of their two kids because both were designated not intelligent enough to care for them in a safe and proper manner.Amy Fabbrini, 31, was reportedly unaware about her state of pregnancy when she grew far into her third trimester with her now eldest son, Christopher.Here's where you can meet singles in Grizzly Flats, California.

Authorities raided it in early 2010, thinking Gosnell was running a pill mill.I go to the grocery store and I see other people with their children and they're standing up in the grocery cart.'I think, how come they get to keep their children?How do they decide whose child they're going to take and whose child can stay? Fabbrini and Ziegler insisted that they have complied to all of the state's orders over the course of the past several years.'We've just done everything and more than what they've asked us to,' Fabbrini said.'It doesn't seem like it's good enough for them ...Others have moved on, downplaying the oddity of their properties' gruesome pasts in a city with more than 300 murders a year.Here's a look at some of the most notorious murder scenes in Philly's history.Fabbrini did not receive formal examination or treatment within the ninth month term and went into advanced labor at the family's home, where she gave birth Sept. Fabbrini's partner, Eric Ziegler, 38, was receiving financial aid through the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income program on the behalf of a mental disability he was diagnosed with.Earlier this year, Social Services acquired and fostered the pair's second newborn baby, Hunter, while he was in the hospital, following past allegations brought against them."There's so much vandalism - maybe once a month, there's something new.I'm worried it could grow into more than minor vandalism," said Dawn Mazzola, 21, a Drexel University junior who lives next door.A relative to the couple initially expressed concern in a complaint to authorities regarding the Christopher's well-being under the care of Fabbrini and Ziegler, according to the Oregonian.A child welfare report alleged Ziegler had been 'sleeping with the baby on the floor and almost rolled over on him.' Fabbrini's father, Raymond, said he and his wife were acting as the primary caregivers at the time, because he believed his daughter did not possess the 'instincts to be a mother.'After taking a required IQ test, Ziegler scored a meager 66 and Fabbrini a 72.

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