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Speaking on Conan, he said: "This show made me a particular agoraphobe.

It’s been speculated that Rob Kazinsky could return to the soap as Sean Slater, seven years after he left the show, as part of Roxy’s departure storyline. READ MORE TV NEWS East Enders star Neil Mc Dermott in comeback as Ryan Malloy And funnily enough the man to spark these rumours is none other than Rob himself after it was revealed that he once admitted he’d love to go back one day if Roxy – played by Rita Simons – were to ever bow out.The actor has been working in America over the past few years but reflected on his East Enders past this week when he paid tribute to the late Michael Leader, who played the milkman on the soap.Robert Kazinsky, 29, played East Enders bad boy Sean Slater. I was such a fan of True Blood, I knew the essence of it. What True Blood does really well is that it balances on the line between good and evil – you blur the distinction between the two. And I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have my first True Blood sex scene with.Now he’s starring as half-faerie, half-vampire Macklyn Warlow in True Blood. Your character is Macklyn Warlow, but he also goes by the name of Ben. Ryan has done more sex scenes and been more naked in this show than anyone in television ever. When we were filming it I’ve never laughed so much in my life. Seriously though, I understood the etymology of the characters in the show. He was my first sex scene on the show – as I say, my character is blurred.I understand the fear that people have about coming forward about something like that, because especially as a man you feel like you should be able to handle a situation like that, but when you're a young kid in this industry, you often can't," Robert said (via )."It was terrifying to see how easily it happened...And men aren't the only perpetrators of this crime.“Chest hair is a sign of virility,” Rob Kazinsky tells us in this exclusive video, showing off a manly patch beneath his shirt.Rob, who played the East Enders bad boy until 2009, has revealed he became the target of street attacks when he quit the soap.He confessed that he became a recluse and stayed at home playing video games.

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