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And his phone calls to Doris Burke after their dinner date must have been mysteriously going straight to voicemail.Because Drake has moved on, and apparently the destination of his moving truck was Cougar Town. The reason they’ve been hanging out so much is because they’re currently working on a music project together.For instance, while I preferred to hang back and pepper foes with sniper fire until a herd of pissed off, minigun-toting Assaults came stampeding my way, I saw many other Recons stealthing about, backstabbing folks who were busy capturing points, and, well, getting the hilariously one-sided drop on snipers like me.I was also quite fond of my Bionics device, which -- depending on the situation -- turned me into a fleet-footed escape artist or a bomb-dropping, crowd-scattering speed demon. There's a certain Christmas-morning-like thrill to tearing through a single quest or Pv P match and watching wide-eyed as your experience bar leaps up a quarter of a level.On one hand, I have to give Global Agenda credit for generally leaving my wallet out of it.Without spending so much as a single cent, I immediately had access to all 50 levels, every weapon, piece of armor, and item (via questing and earnable in-game credits), and a rather large post-apocalyptic sandbox to play in.No Money Down My first moments with Global Agenda: Free Agent were a bit misleading.The 45-minute opening segment chronicled my katana-wielding Recon soldier's sneaky, stabby escape from a Commonwealth (read: evil government that knows when you're sleeping, awake, might be Santa Claus, etc) laboratory via highly directed missions and even a couple fairly impressive cutscenes.

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However, rising through the ranks can be a bit of a slog, and that really takes the edge off.In a free-to-play scene often characterized by the abyssal divide between the haves and the have-nots, Global Agenda's generosity is extremely refreshing.So then, you may be wondering, what manner of magical monetary water wings are keeping Hi-Rez's head above water in this business? As a free player, my experience bar moved with all the momentum of a cat who's discovered a sunbeam shining on top of the laundry machine.Balancing is excellent, too, as there's no pay-to-win option in Global Agenda.That's because leveling up doesn't affect damage stats or health -- only the breadth of items and skills at players' disposal.At the 10-hour mark, I'd barely hobbled past level 18.Normally, that'd be par for the free-to-play course, but Global Agenda ropes off some of its best content based on level.So there's no Pv P of any sort until level 10 (which mercifully only took me a few hours to reach) -- at which point GA's 10v10 variations on capture the flag, control point matches, and escorting/attacking an explosives container open up.Fortunately, those add some real meat to GA's seemingly emaciated bones, as Pv E -- while more efficient for leveling purposes -- largely takes the form of incredibly tedious early Wo W-style questing.I came, I saw, I conquered 10 of so many same-y robo-baddies.I'd have lost count if everyone wasn't asking me to do the same goddamn thing.

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