Quadrapalegic dating

“But it was beautiful and I’m finally happy now.” Anna Claire and Jimbo grew up together in the small town of New Albany, Mississippi.

The ideal situation is to pay aides to come in and do the caregiving rather than having the spouse do caregiving.

“There wasn’t a moment for me, some shocking moment like ‘I’m never going to walk again’ or anything.

“I was aware I couldn’t move, but it wasn’t until I saw other suffering patients at therapy that it hit me — I was very scared.” Anna Claire started seeing therapists at Shepherd Center in Atlanta one month after the incident. “I remember nurses and my family talking at the hospital about how with my kinds of injuries, you never know how long it will take to come back.

” During one recreational therapy session, a Shepherd trainer even took her wedding dress shopping.

“They really wanted me to go out in the community, which can be hard and emotional,” says Anna Claire.

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