Practical dating advice

People have a strong reaction when I tell them I’m a dating coach. They’re personally challenged by the idea that I critique men on their confidence and ability with women.

Some poke fun at the men who need that advice to deflect the attention off of themselves.

Having one too many can also lead to lowered inhibitions which can turn you into a Chatty Cathy or possibly make you act out of character that might make you uncomfortable after the date is over. Maintain your individual interests, including friends, activities and professional goals.

Early on, I realized that if I decided to get into a long-term relationship, I needed someone who was not only comfortable with my work, but truly in it as much as I did.They love discussing relationships and want to hear more about my perspective.So while the majority of women are supportive of my career, it’s completely different once a woman is actually dating me.It's bad manners, a sign that you can't control your behavior or know how to be appropriate out in public. He'll be impressed that he doesn’t have to reassure you with all of your decisions. This will lead to more intimacy in your relationship too. This doesn't mean that you should share your deepest, most intimate emotions right away, but it does mean be soft and feminine and take down those walls. When you drink too much you can lose clarity and if you are really having a good time do you really want to forget all about it the next day? It’s funny that aof those same guys eventually gain the courage to ask for my insight.Usually, that’s after they realize I’m down-to-earth and non-judgmental…or after a few drinks.It challenges their security within the relationship.I get it – my work isn’t easy for many women to handle.Some women think I must teach weird creeps to manipulate people. Or that I must have questionable morals to do what I do.But most women are actually curious and fascinated by the idea.

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  1. I think I got lucky and ended up marrying the right person. I do believe that you fight for who you believe are the right people in your life and people. If there’s something worth saving—not always the case, some relationships are irreconcilable—but if there is something that you determine is worth saving, then try to do that. He’s someone who hasn’t seen any of the warning signs and [doesn’t react] even when faced with this huge piece of information.