Php script validating forms

Here is an updated version with all the bells and whistles too Form To Email - The Ultimate Guide!This PHP script validates any and all input fields that you choose, and has many security measures built in, plus a few extra nice features.Please remember that PHP works top down so you have to declare variables above where you use them.Best Regards, TJ Edens I advise checking your SMTP settings to make sure everything is configured properly.Setting a required field adds a Del\Form\Validator\Not Empty validator.You can have for example a radio button with two choices, and each choice can have a separate form relevant to the checked value.I like to know exactly what I am putting on my server. I'm by no means a php expert - far from it actually.However, the script below is built from the ground up by piecing together the best snippet of code from each of the best available scripts online. Step 1) Create a file and place it in your root folder.

You either failed to fill in all of the required information, or made a mistake while typing.

Thank you, John-Paul Hello Lesio x, The FROM field is the string representing your website you're sending from after an email is validated.

If ANY id is given that does not give a permission problem, then the site name will work.

For validating the filtered input, add a Del\Form\Validator\Validator Interface.

Currently there is an adapter for Zend\Filter and Zend\Validate, but feel free to write an adapter for you favourite library.

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