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This group is not intended to be a Wiccan group, but a place for those who just need to talk to others who hold similar beliefs.

The moment is still perfectly encapsulated in my mind: standing in front of the Sunday School class, back straight and head up, and all my classmates ever-judging eyes upon me.In many traditions, each coven is responsible for establishing its own set of bylaws or mandates.Bylaws may be created by a High Priestess or High Priest, or they may be written by a committee, depending on the rules of the tradition.Again, these are rules which are applied to the group that creates them ​but should not be held as a standard for people outside of this tradition.Finally, keep in mind that your own sense of magical ethics should be a guideline to you as well - particularly if you're a solitary practitioner who doesn't have the history of a tradition to follow back on.Wisconsin Public Radio and welcome civil, on-topic comments and opinions that advance the discussion from all perspectives of an issue.Comments containing outside links (URLs) will only be posted after they’ve been approved by a moderator. Visit our social media guidelines for more information about these policies.Some people believe in the Threefold Law, and others don't.Others say that the Wiccan Rede is only for Wiccans but not other Pagans. Are there rules in Pagan religions like Wicca, or not?You can't enforce your rules and ethics on other people, though -- they have their own set of laws to follow, and those may be different from your own.Remember, there's no Big Pagan Council that sits and writes you a Bad Karma Ticket when you do something wrong.

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