Nwg macintosh centre for quaternary dating

She also established the NWG Macintosh Centre for Quaternary Dating to give the University tools to keep its work in anthropology at the cutting edge of its field.

She also established the Centenary Fellowship, a bursary awarded for travel-based training of general staff.

CONTRIBUTIONSIn the late 1980s Ann had decided to fund the refurbishment of the Shellshear Museum of Comparative Anatomy and Physical Anthropology, which was completed in 1992.

Over the following years Ann also gave very freely of her time, cataloguing skeletons, casts, books, reprints and archives.

She heard that a secretary was wanted in the Department of Anatomy and presented herself, saying that she could start immediately – which she did.

She became secretary to Professor Macintosh until they married in 1965.

Marginal marine strata of last interglacial age occur in a range of morphostratigraphic settings around the Australian coastline.

The lithofacies are similar to their Holocene equivalents but are partly lithified, elevated and laterally displaced inland.

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Her war service took her to the Middle East, the Atherton Tableland and to British North Borneo.

After leaving school she put up her age in order that she might enlist in the Australian Army with her sister Susan.

She did VAD training at Royal Prince Alfred, Royal North Shore and Concord Hospitals from 1940 -1941.

As a result of her contributions, the Shellshear Museum was revitalised and has been used in the teaching of Physical Anthropology in the units of study, Comparative Primate Anatomy and Forensic Osteology, has attracted visiting researchers and postgraduate students and has been used as a resource for forensic scientists.

Ann’s other contributions to the Department of Anatomy and Histology, included the refurbishment of the Macintosh Dissection Rooms, the J. Wilson Museum of Human Anatomy, the Vesalian Lecture Theatre, and most recently our new dissecting rooms.

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