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Even with the noise from the bubbles it sounded like Chinese to me.When they stopped speaking Jia said something to the women in Chinese and she responded.

We'd just finished a dip in the salt pool and had a quick shower before claiming two of the sun loungers.A few moments later Jia nudged me again "Come with me to the pool, I want to hear if they're speaking Chinese." I laughed and said "You seem very interested in them!" "I'm just glad to see some other Asians and really want to know if they're Chinese." "OK, let's go and check." We stood up leaving our towels on the sun chairs and walked over to the pool.Her breasts looked quite large but from this distance I couldn't see any details.The guy was about the same height as the women and looked to be in his forties with a slight paunch and a decent sized cock. "Could be, but I can't be sure from here." I watched them a bit longer until they stepped into the pool and then closed my eyes again.Cute girls with unshaved cunts posing and having sex in a wide number of videos.A whole collection of such impressive videos is fully available here, presenting a lot of unshaved girls while they deal large amounts of cock into their bushes but also when they masturbate and pose nude.***** It was June, all the family visits were behind us and we looked forward to visiting our favourite spas without having to worry about introducing newbies!We tried to find time at least 2 to 3 times a week.It was on one such occasion that we met another couple who would later become good friends.It all began when we were at the spa with the nudist pools.

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