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Autoeroticism also occurs widely among animals, both male and female.A variety of creative techniques are used, including genital stimulation using the hand or front paw (primates, Lions), foot (Vampire Bats, primates), flipper (Walruses), or tail (Savanna Baboons), sometimes accompanied by stimulation of the nipples (Rhesus Macaques, Bonobos); auto-fellating or licking, sucking and/or nuzzling by a male of his own penis (Common Chimpanzees, Savanna Bonobos, Vervet Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Thinhorn Sheep, Bharal, Aovdad, Dwarf Cavies); stimulation of the penis by flipping or rubbing it against the belly or in its own sheath (White-tailed and Mule Deer, Zebras and Takhi); spontaneous ejaculations (Mountain Sheep, Warthogs, Spotted Hyenas); and stimulation of the genitals using inanimate objects (found in several primates and cetaceans) The implications for sexual theology are profound.Thomas Aquinas and Natural Law are often trotted out by the rule-book Catholics alongside the half-dozen clobber texts as a supposed justification for denying respect and equality to sexual minorities.I have absolutely no expertise in Thomist theology, but was intrigued by this observation, in a longer article (“The Other Side of the Catholic Tradition”), at the Washington Post.What I am suggesting, is that we must remove the argument from nature in deciding on sexual morality.Much of the traditional Catholic theology on sex derives from Aquinas’ concept of “natural law”, which he in turn derived ultimately from his reading of Aristotle.

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He told them, “The Church has lost (part of its) freedom by allowing politicians to put ideas in the heads (of Church members), by judging a bishop without any proof after 20 years in service. [T]he claim of Osorno can be more than just Karadima, because we have realized that what sustains Barros in Osorno is a crooked institution.” Peter Saunders, one of only two survivors of clerical sex abuse on Pope Francis’ Child Protection Commission, said he will be joining the demonstrations in Chile.Probably the majority of Catholic theologians already accept this.It is time that the Vatican paid more than lip-service to its claim that we must take seriously the findings of natural and human sciences, and did so too.We too can learn (and the Vatican agrees) from the best scientists of our day, not in the field of animal behaviour, but in the modern discipline of human sexuality and related fields.The findings by these scientists are that sexuality is a fundamental part of our human make-up, that diverse orientations are entirely natural, that a healthy and active sexual life can contribute directly to both physical and mental health, and that sexual expression serves many more purposes than simply procreation alone.Think with your heads and don’t be carried away by any accusations made by lefties.” In preparation for the pope’s visit, Juan Carlos Claret, a member of the Laity of Osorno, asked Chile’s interior minister and officials with the Chilean Bishops’ Conference and the Vatican to arrange a meeting between the pontiff and the group. Angry not only about the pope’s appointment of Barros but also for calling them stupid, Orsorno Catholics said they will hold demonstrations in Santiago, the capital city where the pope will be staying. He and the other survivor, Marie Collins, both resigned from the commission.“I thought the pope was serious about kicking backsides and holding people to account.If the traditional sources are now shown to be flawed, what else is there?The example of Aquinas in fact, helps us here, but pointing to his commitment to studying the best scientists of his day.We now know conclusively that whatever his value as a philosopher, Aristotle has no value whatsoever as a natural scientist.By Aquinas’ own reasoning, to follow Aristotle’s mistakes about nature is to make mistakes about God.

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