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To say first impressions did not live up to my expectations is an understatement.

In the films it's all soft light falling through stained glass and willowy nuns in flowing black gliding graciously down the cloister to prayer.

Whether I had no vocation or whether my taste in convents, like my taste in men, veers towards romantic but problematic, I'm not sure.

Perhaps the real changes the year in a convent made to my life are only becoming clear now, eight years on, because when I realised I wanted to be a writer and performer, colleagues and clients didn't sneer or laugh.

With the sad resignation of a brigadier rolling up the map after the last, futile campaign, she agreed - and offered to call me a cab.

I went back to being an agent at a firm whose clients included Paul Merton, Julian Clary and Gyles Brandreth.

She was forever telling us to 'buck up' and 'look lively', rather like a general marshalling her troops. The age profile of my community, with more than 50 per cent over 70, was similar to that of every women's religious order in Britain.

She looked like a wise old elephant, with wrinkles round her bright eyes and a galumphing walk. ' 'I'll have to ask the Holy Spirit,' Notre Mere would reply. On rainy afternoons we pored over old photo albums, with commentary provided by the other sisters: 'There's Mother Boniface. Since the Fifties there has been an extremely sharp drop in women entering and staying.

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She had a deep, gruff voice and a Boys' Own Annual attitude.Our sexcam partners include Chaturbate,, Glam Cams, and Sweetie Cams (more coming soon).All of this means you can sex chat with thousands of live amateur models – from all the best adult cam sites – through our super-simple, convenient interface.I became a theatrical agent's assistant, trotting into the office every morning with a latte from the Italian cafe, answering the phone to actors I'd had crushes on from the age of 11 and thinking about building up my own list of clients one day.But after a few months the nun feeling started nagging again, gentle but persistent, impossible to shrug off.Totally Free Cam provides the HIGHEST QUALITY FREE SEX CAMS online.We do this by aggregating live feeds from the world's finest adult webcam sites.I was perpetually asking her for things, perhaps slightly testing the boundaries. She used to take all her clothes off after dinner and read the paper.' Once Mother Boniface emptied a glass of water out of the window, forgetting it had her false teeth in it. Neither they nor I had expected integrating a lone 26-year-old would be easy but I began to feel that not everyone wanted the community to have a future.In the evenings we watched endless videos of The Good Life and Yes, Minister, and occasionally Dad's Army. Enclosed religious life can be an emotional hothouse. I was no exception: I cried and stropped and was constantly asking provocative questions. After a year, with no prospective newcomers popping up to answer my prayers, I told Notre Mere that I thought I should leave the order.'It's no good thinking you're going to be the next Bernadette, it's hard enough just to get through the day.' What with a dozen sisters ranging in age from 52 to 101, getting up at 5.30am, communal prayer seven times a day, cleaning, cooking, Latin and no going beyond the gate for so much as a frappuccino, I could well believe her. Just give it your best shot.' So that weekend I tried, and she was right.After our chat, I could hardly wait to flee the Hi-De-Hi! There were moments of such peacefulness: in church, during Compline; the evening service, the same psalms sung every night, every month, every year.

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