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This night will be unlike anything we've ever done, and unlike anything you've ever attended… Come to be encouraged, inspired, equipped and refreshed. Kirk Cameron's Living Room Reset March 17, 2018, pm - March 17, 2018, pm The Camerons have been married for 26 years and are raising 6 children (15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 21)- what a wild ride! Over the years, it has increasingly produced the best kind of results in our home- a mom and dad and kids, growing together, learning together, struggling, falling, and recovering together, as we all learn to trust God more and more and serve one another better. It's your invitation to join Kirk, his wife Chelsea, and some special guests for a one-of-a-kind event in your neighborhood.

This night will be unlike anything we've ever done, and unlike anything you've ever attended… Come to be encouraged, inspired, equipped and refreshed.

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Single Vision is a fellowship group comprised of 40 singles who have never married or who are divorced or widowed.

A time to get away with your spouse for 3 hours with us to laugh together, pray together, learn together, and worship together, as we dive deep into the subjects that matter most to you and me.

And best of all, you'll learn how to see your family with new eyes, and be inspired about giving your family a "Living Room Reset." Kirk will be sharing the things that have made the most valuable difference in their marriage and with their kids, and brought the most peace and blessing to their home.

fact about me, I can't hold a conversation or sound like I have any kind I personality at all through electronics. One day I plan to go back to school and be a professional gore artist. I'm very old fashioned when it comes to dating (actually getting to know someone, holding doors open, holding hands and soft gentle kisses under the star lit sky) I am very family oriented and just proud of who I am and all that I have become as a woman.

That obviously makes me a terrible texter and bio writer. I am a graduate student on a student visa from Colombia. I knew that I was attracted to girls for a few years now and I have been in a relationship with a couple. I'm somewhat shy when you first meet me so anything that helps break the ice is also fun for me too. Im loyal, brutally honest, all about respect, i love working out, sarcastic but knows where to draw the line, i hate drama, extremely outgoing, funny, the kinda gal you def bring home to mom. get to know me cause actions speak louder than words! Being in a relaxed and calm atmoshpere is where you will find me.

I play the drums and the piano which I really enjoy.My name is Danielle by my friends call me by my initials which is dl.I'm really artsy; I like drawing and painting but I like writing and photography as well.I am a married woman who is bisexual and my husband supports my desires. I'm a strong, honest, trusting woman with my own life and interests.I enjoy being outdoors...i like fishing, hunting, bonfires, bbq's, light hiking and just relaxing outside. I'm very laid back and watching netflix while snuggling is good with me as well. I have a year left of collage until I have my associates in physiology. I love movies, music, reading and writing poetry dining out and tasting different wines. So sometimes I'm sensitive lol I'm also romantic and a great kisser lol. I'm very straight forward, smart, confident, strong willed and level headed, but I am also very charming and endearing. I am always hopeful and expect nothing but positive outcomes.Marriage and family is an indescribable joy for sure... Starting in January 2018, he will be bringing the Cameron living room to churches across the country, and wants you to join him for a heartfelt conversation about what matters most to us as husbands, wives, and parents.Think of it as a "home-run date night" with the Camerons.Supper Clubs are the perfect way to tangibly and practically practice hospitality.They are you, your family and 2 other families joining together for 3 meals, each family hosting once.I am now residing in upstate New York and I am free from the confines of my parents to be myself and to seek a a long-term, committed relationship with an American woman. I want to meet a lipstick lesbian and form a committed relationship with her in the US. But I have recently gotten out of a relationship with a man and I'm looking to have some fun with a woman again. Dinner and drinks or a night clubbing or just a night in, I always have fun. I pay attention to a lot of detail that would surprise you. That cliche walk together under the moon getting to know eachother type sh*t. Whether its a quiet nite at home reading, having a bbq, building a puzzle or out on my motorcycle soaking in the sun and admiring Natures beauty.I am not looking to have casual, meaningless s*xual relationships. I enjoy playing sports ( soccer, basketball, tennis and softball), love singing and dancing, theatre, Nature walks and inspiring conversations. SO if that's what you are looking for just pass right on by my profile.

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