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There’s been many, many fat activists and body-positive folks responding to the topics of dating, finding love, and intimacy while being fat.And, let me tell you, the responses have been ridiculous and the backlash agonizing. I’d spend hours swiping to the left or swiping to the right.When you’re trying to decide which crystals for dating are right for you, consider the crystal that will best inspire vulnerability.For men, among the best crystals for dating is definitely malachite. Expressing your vulnerability will establish a close connection with your date as they get to see a part of you that others maybe don’t.Before, I go any further I want to give folks who indulge in fatphobia a few facts: Fat people are human beings. We are allowed to take up as much space as we want. Teach them to be healthy and confident at any size. As much as we women love the ritual of getting ready for a date—putting on makeup, doing our nails, choosing the perfect outfit—sometimes the act of preparation adds a dose of stress.They’d shake their heads and tell me that they weren’t getting the same messages. Stop allowing your friends to dictate who you love.

Whether you feel pressure from family or friends to hurry up and meet someone, or you place that pressure on yourself, it’s important to remember that dating is supposed to be fun!I was born in an era with one foot in the age of online dating and one foot out. Like if you were to go on my Instagram account, you’d see the same photos. I wasn’t trying to catfish anyone because I wouldn’t want anyone to catfish my ass.Basically, I was still a bit clueless on how to navigate them. Just wanting to test the waters and perhaps find real companionship. I wanted the possible suitor to know that I was, indeed, a fat woman.Whereas, showing up with the intention to have good time, regardless of whether or not you sense a love connection, opens you up energetically.Your open heart chakra reads as welcoming and loving to others.Anytime, I post commentary about plus-size dating, the conversation grows long and weary. I had never been boy-crazy prior to my marriage, but something about asserting my sexuality after years of being repressed was attractive to me. I was on them so much, that I started to see some of the same guys on different apps.I mean, dating in general has become trash since the boom of internet faux-ness, where you can get anything and everything in the matter of a few clicks, but dating for straight-size versus plus-size is very different. At a few points, I came upon the profiles of a friend’s ex and dudes I worked with in real life. And although embarrassing, it hadn’t deterred me from having seventeen separate conversations with different dudes in the city.With all of our suggestions, we like to add that if these tips don’t work for you, go back to using the crystals for love in a way that intuitively feels right to you.However, it can be worth a shot to try out new methods for refreshing the energy of your space and spirit.To perform this ritual, you’ll need a small rose quartz stone and your favorite essential oil (we like rose! Put a few drops of the essential oil onto your rose quartz crystal, and take a couple of minutes to rub it around the stone.As you do this, say what you would like to get out of the night. Touch the rose quartz to your heart chakra, and smile as it infuses you with love, passion and light.

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