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Put simply, Morris is the world's best investigative film-maker.

He possesses a forensic mind, a painter's eye and a nose for the dark absurdities of American life.

Providing a portal into the collective subconscious, the daydream nation conjured up in tales such as Blue Velvet, Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive is by turns frightening, exasperating, revelatory and wild. He is our spooky tour guide through a world of dancing dwarves, femme fatales and little blue boxes that may (or may not) contain all the answers.

Her first film, Ratcatcher, set during the binmen strikes of 70s Glasgow, was the anti-Billy Elliot; her second, adapted from Alan Warner's novel More about Morvern Callar, confirmed her promise.

Morvern is an authentic modern classic, with an actress, Samantha Morton, whose blank-faced performance is a perfect complement to Ramsay's studied camerawork.

Others worry that the heavyweight champion of American movies is no longer quite punching his weight.

Substance 17 Look 18 Craft 18 Originality 17 Intelligence 18 Total 88 More about Gangs of New York A terrible beauty: interview Their latest film, Intolerable Cruelty, may have marked a new, "commercial" phase in their career, but no one could ever accuse the Coen brothers of selling out.

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  2. He's distancing himself from the family, not intentionally, but because he's struggling with his dual identity: having to be a normal teenager while growing into what might be a superhero one day. Sounds like we can expect, quite literally, a cliff-hanger. It's also a whole lot of Kyle coming back to the family and having to explain where he's been and what happened to Jessi. He hasn't had sex, but I will tell you, the subject is something on everyone's mind.