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He has also said that the collection began when he became so captivated by a postcard of the Empire State Building that he spent his entire allowance on five copies of the card. Those cards, of Miami Beach and New York, were the beginnings of a collection that has spanned nearly seven decades and has become the single most comprehensive and carefully gathered in the world. Lauder promised the collection to the MFA in 2010, and the collection has been migrating from New York to Boston in annual installments ever since.

On my days off, I used to hitchhike all over New England.

So I wouldn’t look dangerous, I always put on a blue oxford shirt, a striped tie, and a seersucker jacket, and then stepped into the road and stuck out my thumb.

My first apartment I rented when I got married back in 1959 cost 0 a month, which gives you some idea. I worked hard to build the company, and earned a good living.

When it went public in 1995 I had more money, but it’s not like I went out and spent it all. As a result, here we are 20 years later, and I still have 52 percent of the company’s voting stock.

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