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From a personal pleasure point of view I know quite a few men and women that should ditch the leather trousers it is not always a pretty sight, but this can apply to younger and older alike! I still wear leather but it is a backless top not trousers or skirt and matt black soft leather, the only downside is you have to put it on then wait for it to warm up so the leather moulds to your body. *fainted*Leather jacket on men under a nice tight t-shirt or a nice shirt.. BTW The hot, sweaty feel is all part of the wearing pleasure. I know it's personal taste and others find it distasteful.....leather on men/women REALLY floats my boat!!!! "but then I'm just a pervert....."There's nothing perverted about liking leather. I just love leather..smell...feel.....i personally think leather is soooo sexy!!!! I love the biker look and also, motorcycle police in their leather boots and trousers....mmmmmmm.....

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Well, you might, if she puts on make up for the cam chat.

Badminton, swimming, yoga, diving, beach volleyball, picnics, hiking, camping and travelling all get a mention. ) All these are going to make getting to know her so much easier because if you don’t have anything in common with her list, then you must be sleeping your life away.

Another good hobby she has is cooking so she will find a way to your heart apart from those leathers and that hot body.

Latex Dating members like alternative eroticism, such as BDSM, bondage and like to wear leather or latex both online and offline.

Singles, swingers and couples are welcome to date and play a role as amateur, master or slave.

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