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People who are not involved in any way with prostitution business and do other good jobs, and lived in their family-owned houses for many years, but who have not been able to move out of the area due to financial or other reasons, they have marked their houses as such so that they are not disturbed by customers or any other persons in any way.There are some difference between the character of Sonagachhi and Soho of London or Pigul of France.Rather, many areas could be termed as 'half-gentleman' areas, where normal gentleman's families and various types of prostitutes co-existed side by side.From the middle of the 19th century, the British colonial administration, Christian Missionaries, and native English-knowing educated 'Victorian' Indian gentlemen started campaign against prostitutes.In the year 2013, the rates of prostitution in Sonagachhi varies from ₹ 300 to ₹ 10,000 for one night enjoyment (present rate of Indian money is Rupees 65 for one American Dollar).

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Many areas had scattered or mixed up population of those two kinds.The character of race courses and red light areas of different cities of the world are almost same.But the character of Sonagachhi is a little bit different.The lower-class and middle-class of prostitute areas were scattered around Haarkaata Gully and near Chetla/Kalighat bridge.The areas near Elliot Road could not be exactly referred as a 'prostitute area'. Prostitutes who also lived there in different houses, they used to do their business in Kothhas or Kuthhis (small empty rooms for prostitution purpose only) scattered over the area.For example, The red-light area which once existed opposite to the diagonal angle of Khanna Cinema Hall was of 'poor-class'.When they contacted customers, they asked them "Khat-e na Chot-e" ?And for some "legal-show business" the police sometimes conduct raids to show that they have been doing their so-called "government duties" or "law-protecting duties" in those areas.The police hide in the alley and corners of the streets of Sonagachhi in their vehicle in the nights and regularly pick up some customers and send them to the police lock-up.After paying the 'government tax' they are released.The prostitutes and pimps are never touched in those 'raids'..

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