Jakob dylan dating

Jakob was not married before and so was, Paige Dylan.

Paige is an actress known for her roles in Sugar Town, Grace of My Heart and Say Good Night, Michael.

In addition, he has released two solo albums 'Seeing Things' and 'Women Country'.

Throughout his career, he has also made guest appearances in several albums such as Willie Nile's 'Streets of New York' and Holly Williams' 'The Highway'.

He has four children with his wife and he always says that he cannot wait to get back home.

His high school buddy and the band’s bassist, Greg Richling said that Jakob’s life revolved about the band and his family.

Jakob Luke Dylan is an American singer and songwriter who gained fame as the lead singer of the Wallflowers, a popular American rock band.

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Their first self-titled album wasn't much of a success.Their second album 'Bringing Down the Horse' became a huge success, and peaked at the 4th position on the US Billboard 200.It has been the band's most successful album till date. Along with his band, Dylan has released a total of six albums.The grim and nearly danceable “ Lend a Hand” features seedy and demonic horns that would fit perfectly in a Tom Waits song.The bittersweet “ Smile When You Call Me That” walks a tightrope between pop song and country ballad, with Dylan trying to reconcile a relationship steeped in dysfunction.They did not comment on the rumor as this caused a lot of stories to build up.However, sources near them, are very confident that there is no scent of separation in their relationship.They met each other in 1988 and started dating since then. He was not known to have dated anyone before her and her dating profile also does not show any boyfriend.Though he was born to a cheating husband, he was never accused of cheating. He would wake up at 7 just to be with his kids, when he is working. It was said that he used to hit his women and Jakob has talked a lot about his father and his parents’ divorce. Even when he was out, touring, he would visit them, regularly. His dad was said to have secretly married his mistress.

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