Is rob pattinson dating annelyse schoenberger

Recently there was a rumour that Robert who is in NY filming Remember Me talks every day to Kristen, who is in LA filming The Runaways.There is no secret, their relationship is growing stronger and deeper.There is attraction and their bond is very special. It is Leonardo di Caprio story from his Titanic era all over again: every girl he is seen with is his girlfriend.It is supposed to be Emilie de Ravin, 27, Claire Littleton from Lost at the moment.The rumor was fueled by Anne herself (and her friends) when they started posting very "(mis)leading" updates on their myspace/facebook pages.And the rumor got out of control when a Rob picture at Kings of Leon concert surfaced: It was a fun time for some of us :) That picture, the following "crap"-"not crap"-"oh please!

‘But when we came back to LA to do reshoots there were 500 fans at the set, with girls screaming and people asking for my autograph.

To get my attention she’d asked me what she could do, so as a joke I said, “Take all your clothes off.” But then she actually started taking her clothes off right there!

Some people are really desperate.’It sounds as worrying, I suggest, as when two participants at a charity auction in Cannes last year bid nearly £40,000 between them to buy their two daughters a single kiss each on the cheek from Pattinson.

He is making Remember Me in NY with blonde actress and "those in the know" say they get along very well and they have a "very strong connection".

Robert was supposedly the one who get Emlie the part in the movie.

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