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You see now how, by measuring the ratio, we then can determine the time of the creature’s death.

Three principal methods are used to carbon date: gas proportional counting, liquid scintillation counting, and accelerator mass spectrometry.

Sometimes in our internet travels, we stumble upon claims made about carbon dating that are misleading, or even inaccurate.

So I want to take some time here to explain how carbon dating works and explode some of the myths about it.

The first two methods count beta particles, which are created by radiocarbon decay.

The last, which counts the radiocarbon content directly, is considered the most efficient.

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The technique can be used to date specimens that died tens of thousands of years ago, but not millions. After that long, the amount of carbon-14 becomes too miniscule for us to measure, because it can no longer be reliably distinguished from the carbon-14 that is created by the irradiation of nitrogen by neutrons from the spontaneous fission of uranium, which can be found in trace quantities in almost everything. The older the object, the greater the margin of error. The amount of carbon-14 in a plant or an animal matches closely the amount in the atmosphere, because plants take in carbon from the atmosphere, and animals eat plants.

Instead we must rely on other dating techniques, such as potassium-argon dating or rubidium-strontium dating. A measurement includes the use of the half-life standard, comparison with a modern radiocarbon standard (oxalic acid), and correction for isotopic fractionation (basically that means expected fluctuation in the carbon amounts caused by the sample’s biochemistry). Plants cannot distinguish between carbon-12 and carbon-14, so the carbon is absorbed wholesale.

Myth #3: Carbon dating can be used to determine the exact date that the living organism died. Standard errors are reported with a “±” value, which is calculated through statistical means. The reason is so that a person doesn’t need to know the exact year that the measurement was taken. Myth #5: The ratio of carbon 12 to carbon-14 has remained constant in the atmosphere throughout time. The only notable exception would be in the case of some mollusks (see Myth #14 below).

It has happened that different parts of a single sample can yield different carbon-14/carbon-12 ratios, because cracks, partial decay, or insect burrows might occur unequally throughout the sample.

If the material is hopelessly contaminated, it will simply be pitched.

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