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So most of the times facebook status updates reflects the actual mood of the person.Are you in a lighter mood and ready to have some laughs?

This post may contain affiliate links and we’ll be compensated if you make a purchase. We can help you take one element out of that equation by having your Facebook status updates automatically convert into tweets.We got the announcement of two really big new features, that are a huge deal for the platform: Instagram scheduling and carousel ads coming to Stories.The scheduling, in particular, can actually change how social media marketers are interacting with the platform, and the carousel ads give Story ads access to one of the highest performing ad features Facebook and Instagram have ever had.This month is a really, really big month for Instagram updates.The biggest month with some of the biggest updates we’ve had in ages.This is not an application by a third-party, but the official Facebook / Twitter integration.On this page, simply select the “unlink from Twitter” link next to the Twitter accounts you no longer wish to have associated with their respective Facebook pages.Here you can decide how much information you want to share with Twitter then click “save changes” and you’re all set!Now you’ll be able to simply post a status update in Facebook that will save you from having to login to both services and post two separate updates.As well as terrorism, analysts are instructed to search for evidence of unfolding natural disasters, public health threats and serious crimes such as mall/school shootings, major drug busts, illegal immigrant busts.The list has been posted online by the Electronic Privacy Information Center - a privacy watchdog group who filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act before suing to obtain the release of the documents.

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