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Thanks to all the media hype, students themselves vastly overestimate how much hooking up is going on at their school.

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“That’s been true since before women were there.” And that’s to say nothing of make-out sessions, a hookup staple these days. It’s the amount that we talk about sex and the way we talk about it. And while I can’t say the sex lives of Yalies represents all college students or even those in the Ivy League, the data from the school about sex is a good reality check.In 2010, the Yale Daily News conducted a sex survey on campus and found that only 64.3% of students had had sexual intercourse over the course of their Yale career.One of the girls Rosin interviewed, Raisa Bruner (called by the pseudonym in the article), who graduated from Yale with me in May, was dissatisfied with the conclusions of Rosin’s piece and decided to find out if Yalies were really dismissing relationships for hookups.She wrote in the Yale Daily News: In a survey I conducted of over 100 Yale students, almost all of the single respondents, ambition be damned, said they were currently seeking a relationship involving dating, commitment or, at the very least, monogamous sex.I know a number of very successful women — women who are now students at top med schools, analysts at the State Department or Rhodes scholars — who found the time while at Yale to maintain serious relationships with equally as busy boys (or girls).I know many other women who left Yale wishing they had had a relationship in college.The median Yale student had had only two sexual partners by the time he or she graduated. Not even for men (whom we never hear from in these articles for some reason): 30.5% of Yale men had never had intercourse.Plenty of students are forgoing sex entirely, limiting their sexual partners or engaging in exclusive relationships. The so-called hookup generation represents a radical break from the past. In another study, researchers at Western State University interviewed 92 male students and 113 female students annually from 1969 to 1972 and found that during their freshman year, 46% of the men and 51% of the women reported having had premarital sex.What’s more, the sex lives of most of today’s college students may not be all that different from those of their parents or grandparents at the same age.(MORE: Looking for Love: College Students May Prefer Relationship Sex to Casual Hookups) So let’s look at the three biggest misconceptions about college kids and sex: 1.

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