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"Love lessons she's learned from working on the show: (1) The smallest gestures can leave the biggest impact.Remember Sean and Catherine's love notes to each other? (2) Sometimes what you are looking for is right in front of you.On Juan Pablo and Chelsea's bungee-jumping date (, season 10) how he felt and was completely vulnerable with her and his feelings.Although the outcome wasn't what he had in mind that time around, the same tactic of expressing himself clearly and completely helped him find love on Instead of going to all the exotic locales with the cast like the field producers, Nicole is a "big picture" producer who is scheduling, budgeting, and planning what we get to watch on-screen.As much as everyone was rooting for Holly Durst to get back together with her Some of the most quotable moments each season come from the confessional interviews during which the cast members spill their guts and talk trash about one another, and Jessica has been one of the ladies behind getting all that dirt for the past three seasons.

Looking into someone's eyes can tell you a lot about a person and eye contact can help build trust.She's been with the show since the very beginning and just celebrated her 13th anniversary of making love happen on-screen.The date from the show she'd most like to go on: "Either the helicopter ride to the heart-shaped island in Tahiti that Ali and Roberto went to (, season 16).While most of my girlfriends have never (knowingly) dated the same guy as 25 of their friends, the dating scene and the crazy roommate issues are all a chapter out of our own lives.Being the smart women that we are, watching the show is basically a crash course in dating—more of what do, but a great way to learn some love lessons nonetheless.I'll tell you who they are: They are women just like us.Women who get super excited to watch the romantic dates play out, women who can relate to the process, and women who have a front-row view of all the action and are learning a thing or two about love as they create it.Not having BFF Michelle Money's support of his relationship with Ash Lee was a deal-breaker for Graham Bunn on .He was already having doubts about Ash Lee, but once he realized Michelle wasn't on board, it was over.(2) Always carry Listerine strips—you never know when you're going to make out with someone!Insider info: The producers always carry breath mints/strips to make sure a stinky breath situation never ruins any special moments!

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