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Redknapp, the son of loveable professional cockney and Tottenham manager, Harry, said he hopes that his candid confession can now bring the sorry saga to a close.

“With Andy and Richard starting their new jobs on Talksport next week, I thought it would best to literally put this matter to bed once and for all.

I bought a certified Jeep liberty 2010 on December 29th 2016 and in less than a year I will have to replace the water pump and lines, transmission lines, transmission cooler, and transmission itself.

This is over 4000 dollars in work and when I contacted the service department at the dealership they basically told me well that’s the way it goes with used vehicles we cant help you.

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we had already been looking for weeks so we knew exactly what we wanted and when we couldn’t find it outside the salesman brought us inside to speak with his manger Andy.

In 1997, Republic began purchasing new car dealerships.

The same year, the company acquired Alamo Rent A Car.

After roughly fifteen minutes of looking around a salesman finally greets us.

We start asking questions and immediately realize that he has no clue about the cars.

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