Godaddy pending setup validating mx record how long mens health dating forums

If the MX records are correct, the message disappears.

If the message remains, the MX records you specified in your hosting provider or domain name system manager may be incorrect.

So, log into the Slice Manager at https://manage.and navigate to the DNS tab: Now click on the 'records' link next to your domain.

Hi all I am trying to setup Outlook Anywhere for one customer.

His domain name is register to an A registrar and the hosting of his emails with his domain to a B ISP.

Your hosting provider is where your domain is hosted; your domain name system manager is a third-party domain manager where you might manage your domain settings, such as your DNS servers or MX records.

If the MX records are incorrect, you can add the correct MX records in your hosting provider or third-party domain name system manager.

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